Maybe I need a search extension – SearchaQuilla?

By | November 20, 2009

The last few weeks I’ve been adding custom search terms to my FiltaQuilla extension using the new nsIMsgSearchCustomTerm interface, which can then be used in searches, virtual folders, or filters. But I keep coming up with new things that I want to do. That delays my packaging of FiltaQuilla 1.0.0 for non-experimental release. Maybe I should quit adding this stuff to FiltaQuilla (which is already pretty large with all of its filter actions) and define a new search-oriented extension, called probably SearchaQuilla?

So far, I have added the following new search terms:

BCC – locate items in the BCC field

Subject Regex – search the subject using a javascript regular expression

Header Regex – search any specific header using a javascript regular expression

Javascript – load javascript in a text field, and program your own search given an nsIMsgDBHdr object

Tag of Thread Head – match a tag in the head of a message’s thread

Tag of Thread Messages – match a tag near the message in its thread (within +/- 10 messages by default)

Address in Thread – match an address near the message in its thread (within +/- 10 messages by default)

This stuff can be useful outside of filters, in fact I am mostly using them personally to define virtual folders. So I’ll probably move them to a new extension, and try to get FiltaQuilla out the door finally.