ExQuilla alpha 0.1 released (Mailnews Exchange Support)

By | October 22, 2010

Today I released to Mozilla’s addon site a preview release of my Exchange Web Services extension, which I am calling ExQuilla (see the addons page here to download).

This is alpha quality software, which means it is usable if you are brave. (I have been using it for a month with my rkent@mesquilla.com email account).

There are many, many non-implemented features. Rather than repeat all of that here, I’ll just refer you to the extension description page that I have put up. The most severe restrictions are that this is email only, and there is no attempt to support localization or internationalization (so your Russian or Thai spam will look really strange.) Also, this build only supports Windows users running Thunderbird 3.1 Use at your own risk!

There is one major bug that I am aware of. For reasons that I have been unable to determine, sometimes the extension quits working, and sends a variety of messages to the error console. You need to restart to solve this. Hopefully I’ll figure out soon what is causing this.

The initial download of messages can be quite slow, which seems to be a limitation of Exchange Server (at least for the provider that I am using). But after the initial sync of messages in a particular folder, future use is generally quite fast, so be patient.

I would be interested to hear people’s experience in trying to get this to work with their own Exchange implementations. It really is too early though to give detailed feedback or bug reports, but I would be interested in anything that prevents it from being used at all for your needs.

I’ll be away most of next week (going to a prisoner re-entry conference and visiting a reentry facility affiliated with my church) so it may be November until I can get back to you if you have issues.