The proxy debate over paid addons

I recently received a review of my ExQuilla addon for Thunderbird with the glowing report “It works well, I’ll give you that. No more, no less”. Should be 5 stars, right? No, the addon got 2.

This is the proxy battle over whether there should be paid addons in the Mozilla ecosystem, fought by trashing the ratings of paid addons. The reviewer gave me 2 stars because he believes “Please find purchasers from paid email software, not in an open source software.” He also complained about my response to an earlier reviewer who gave ExQuilla one star because, even though […]

Mesquilla is releasing a Calendar EWS Provider addon compatible with ExQuilla

Recently we learned that the “Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Provider” addon is no longer being developed, and the final version did not fully support Thunderbird 24 and Exchange Server 2013 & Office365. While eventually we intend to fully integrate Calendar and Task support into ExQuilla, at the moment that support is incomplete and experimental, so many of our customers had relied on the now-abandoned addon. So as a convenience to our customers, we have forked and updated that addon to provide a version that works with current Thunderbird and Microsoft Exchange, as well as includes better compatibility with ExQuilla. We call this […]

ExQuilla as a Model for “Thunderbird Professional” aka SwanFox

About a year ago, when we on the Thunderbird team were having very active discussions about the future of Thunderbird after Mozilla’s drastic cutback in funding, Axel Grude and myself were minority voices promoting the importance of developing funding sources for Thunderbird if it were to prosper in the future. In contrast, the majority viewpoint, as I understand it, was some combination of 1) We don’t need funding, Thunderbird is fine the way it is, and eager volunteers will move things forward, and 2) Mozilla Messaging tried for years to develop funding and failed, so it is probably impossible to […]

ExQuilla (Microsoft Exchange Server for Thunderbird) beta version released

I am pleased to announce that ExQuilla, a Thunderbird addon that provides access to messages and contacts in Microsoft Exchange Server, is now available. This is a beta-quality release. ExQuilla is currently only available for Windows, in English, and supports Thunderbird version 9, 10, and 11. Linux and Mac versions are planned for the future.

The most current version of ExQuilla is available from the MesQuilla site here. A slightly older version (due to review delays) is available from Mozilla’s addon site here.

This version supports access to messages and personal contacts from a Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or 2010 […]

Address Book accounts

New account types in Javascript for Thunderbird (Part 4)

Now that I am essentially feature complete in adding Address Book features to my Exchange Web Services implementation ExQuilla, I’d like to discuss how SkinkGlue was used to allow this to mostly be done in JavaScript.

As review, SkinkGlue is my attempt to add an interface layer to Thunderbird to allow new account types to be added using javascript. SkinkGlue provides the necessary C++ interfaces to allow standard Thunderbird objects to be created without writing C++ code. SkinkGlue is licensed inder the standard Mozilla licenses, so it could be used by […]

Exquilla alpha 0.2 released

Today I release alpha version 0.2 of ExQuilla Exchange Web Service. This may be downloaded at the AMO site for the ExQuilla.

This release adds support for most primary email features, but not the EWS address book or calendar. However, this is still Alpha quality code, which means that many of the features have minor glitches.

Major Additions since last release Cross-account message copies and moves Message Filters Junk Processing (though moves of junk messages are not working) Virtual Folders Save message as a file Show message source Message print Improvements in handling of Unicode character sets

Further information is […]

ExQuilla alpha 0.1 released (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Today I released to Mozilla’s addon site a preview release of my Exchange Web Services extension, which I am calling ExQuilla (see the addons page here to download).

This is alpha quality software, which means it is usable if you are brave. (I have been using it for a month with my email account).

There are many, many non-implemented features. Rather than repeat all of that here, I’ll just refer you to the extension description page that I have put up. The most severe restrictions are that this is email only, and there is no attempt to support localization […]

Towards an Alpha supporting Thunderbird 3.1 (Mailnews Exchange Support)

Things have been a little slower lately, what with summer and family visits and so forth, but my project to support Exchange server in Thunderbird proceeds nevertheless. I’m starting to think seriously of an Alpha release.

Originally I had assummed that there would be changes required in core to support what I am doing. But so far, that has not been absolutely necessary. I had problems earlier with the database code, but I’ve managed to get around that by just using a standard nsMailDatabase object instead of doing my own version.

So I tried to build a version that could […]

Sending a Message (Mailnews Exchange Support)

I can now send a message through Exchange server from my Thunderbird installation.

Perhaps it would be interesting to show how I hooked into the sending function in the user interface. I asked the usual suspects, and it was not clear to anyone that it could be done without adding backend hooks – which I would like to avoid as much as possible to increase my chances of getting some initial alphas of this released to work with existing TB 3.1 users.

It turned out to be fairly straight forward. In MsgComposeCommands.js there is an observer notification that occurs, called […]

Data Persistence (Mailnews Exchange Support)

My project to provide Exchange Web Services (EWS) support to applications based on the Mozilla mailnews codebase entered a new phase this week, where I am starting to consider the issue of local persistence of data downloaded from the server. (In the previous week, I got two other things working: display of HTML emails, and updating of UNREAD status from the local app to the server).

EWS messages do not come from the server in RFC-822 format, so it seems like a pity to store them that way, though that is the common method used in the rest of the […]