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Mailnews Exchange Support: the Ews Native layer

In the last week, I realized that my Exchange integration project needed another layer in the architecture. Previously, I have discussed a layer that does SOAP calls, and a second layer that extends Mozilla mailnews objects. (Let me call the Mozilla-specific world of mailnews objects MMO “Mozilla mailnews objects” for short). I had thought that… Read More »

Mailnews Exchange Support: basic mail infrastructure

This post is intended mostly as a status update on my effort to add Microsoft Exchange Server support to the Mozilla mailnews products, including Thunderbird and SeaMonkey. In my last report, I was testing and updating the old Mozilla SOAP framework for use in communicating with Exchange Web Services (EWS). Using the framework in a… Read More »

Toward mailnews Exchange Web Services support: SOAP calls

I’ve embarked on an effort to investigate adding support for Exchange server to the mailnews code. Although Exchange in Windows has traditionally used port 135-based protocols, my understanding is that the future for them is SOAP-based Exchange Web Services (EWS). As a first step, I wanted to get a basic SOAP library working in current… Read More »