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TaQuilla 0.3.0 released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of TaQuilla to Mozilla’s add-on site. You can download it here. It is still listed as experimental status, so updates are not automatic. Details of the changes in this revision are available here, but briefly it mostly adds some user interface consolidations for consistency, plus support for Thunderbird 3.0… Read More »

Inherited Folder Properties – revisited

In a previous posting, I introduced the concept of inherited folder properties in the Mozilla mailnews products (Thunderbird and SeaMonkey). In the months since, I have incorporated these into my extensions quite significantly, so here I would like to show the UI I am currently using for this, and also discuss some of the issues… Read More »

TaQuilla provides automatic “soft” tags for messages

Today I posted TaQuilla on the experimental area of AMO here. TaQuilla extends the tagging features of Mozilla mailnews products (Thunderbird and Seamonkey) so that tags are applied automatically using the same bayesian filter technology used for junk mail processing. TaQuilla requires Thunderbird 3.0 beta 2, which was released today. Bayesian filters need training, and… Read More »

More progress on soft tags

I added enough functionality to TaQuilla this week to make it fully functional as a soft-tagging extension. I’m now running it regularly in my main profile, though I am only soft tagging for Personal at the moment. I’m very happy with how well the statistics are working, as it seems quite accurate after just a… Read More »

Soft tags (TaQuilla) are starting to look exciting

Today for the first time I am able to run TaQuilla on my main email profile. This extension uses the same statistical bayesian filters used for spam detection, to instead automatically apply tags to emails. My initial trials are very encouraging. I enabled soft tags on a “Personal” tag, to track emails that are associated… Read More »