TaQuilla 0.3.0 released

I’ve just uploaded a new version of TaQuilla to Mozilla’s add-on site. You can download it here. It is still listed as experimental status, so updates are not automatic. Details of the changes in this revision are available here, but briefly it mostly adds some user interface consolidations for consistency, plus support for Thunderbird 3.0 and SeaMonkey 2.0.

Frankly, I’ve struggled to find a good personal use of TaQuilla for use in my dogfooding. I’ve tried using it to categorize “interesting” posts, but I can’t even agree myself from day-to-day what is “interesting”, and the soft tagging is even more […]

Inherited Folder Properties – revisited

In a previous posting, I introduced the concept of inherited folder properties in the Mozilla mailnews products (Thunderbird and SeaMonkey). In the months since, I have incorporated these into my extensions quite significantly, so here I would like to show the UI I am currently using for this, and also discuss some of the issues that I face.

(All references to extensions in this posting refer to the 1.0.0 versions, which as of this writing have not been posted to AMO yet. But they should be available in a few weeks.)

Implemented UI

Briefly, inherited properties are a property that […]

Extension status for Thunderbird 3.0 beta 3 (and Seamonkey 2.0 beta 1)

I’ve just bumped the allowable Thunderbird (and where applicable Seamonkey) version on my extensions to allow them to work with the new version numbers in the nightlies and release candidates. I had hoped to have new releases available by now, but have not yet done that.

Major changes are planned for FiltaQuilla (new custom searches) and ToneQuilla (switching to ogg Vorbis as the standard format). JunQuilla should have bug fixes, TaQuilla and GlodaQuilla will be virtually unchanged.

Automatically determining interesting RSS feed posts

One of the interesting applications of automatic categorization of message items is the categorization of feed postings. Feed aggregations like Planet Mozilla often have many more posts than is convenient for most people to keep up with. How do you decide what to read, and what to skip?

The bayesian classifier that is part of the Thunderbird and Seamonkey distributions has been generalized by me over the last few months to allow it to be used for such categorizations, rather than be limited to spam recognition as originally implemented. I can demonstrate its use with my TaQuilla extension, which allows […]

TaQuilla provides automatic “soft” tags for messages

Today I posted TaQuilla on the experimental area of AMO here. TaQuilla extends the tagging features of Mozilla mailnews products (Thunderbird and Seamonkey) so that tags are applied automatically using the same bayesian filter technology used for junk mail processing. TaQuilla requires Thunderbird 3.0 beta 2, which was released today.

Bayesian filters need training, and this is provided in the background for you as you tag or untag messages. Once you “prime the pump” by tagging some messages, and untagging a few others, then it just works. There are also some diagnostic displays available, that show the message tokens that […]

Extension plans for Thunderbird beta2

Now that Thunderbird beta2 has entered slushy code freeze, it’s time to update my extensions to match. Here’s my plans, which I will try to accomplish near the time that beta 2 releases (currrently scheduled for 2009-02-24):


The published version has a bug that interrupts the playing in some cases. I’ll fix that, but otherwise no changes. Prior to TB3 though I would like to implement support for Ogg Vorbis files in TB core, and add that to ToneQuilla as well. I’ll try to add some more tones at the same time – though possibly in a separate extension […]

More progress on soft tags

I added enough functionality to TaQuilla this week to make it fully functional as a soft-tagging extension. I’m now running it regularly in my main profile, though I am only soft tagging for Personal at the moment. I’m very happy with how well the statistics are working, as it seems quite accurate after just a little training.

Soft tags are enabled in a setup screen that lists all of my tags, whether they are enabled, and also whether I want to show diagnostic and status columns in the thread pane.

Checking “Status Column” shows soft-tagging status for each message […]

Soft tags (TaQuilla) are starting to look exciting

Today for the first time I am able to run TaQuilla on my main email profile. This extension uses the same statistical bayesian filters used for spam detection, to instead automatically apply tags to emails. My initial trials are very encouraging.

I enabled soft tags on a “Personal” tag, to track emails that are associated with my personal life. I trained about 10 emails – a few from a current thread with my family, a message from my church, and a Netflix notice. I picked also a few bugmails and trained them as not personal. Then I applied the soft […]