FiltaQuilla Revisions

Revision 1.2.0

Provides compatibility with Thunderbird 5.0


bug 313 Non-ascii characters don’t work in subjectRegEx

bug 843 Remove lower case from headerRegEx (which prevented certain headers from being properly processed)

New Features:

Search term: Folder Name

Custom action: Save Message to Folder

Custom Action: Move Later

Revision 1.1.0


A core bug that prevented custom searches from working in non-filter contexts was fixed in Thunderbird 3.0.5/3.1 beta 2.

A core feature was added, beginning with Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2, that allows IMAP filter actions that need the message body to work. This FiltaQuilla version adds support for that term.

Enabling of filter actions and search terms was divided into separate pages to prevent issues with view overflow.

New features:

Custom action: javascript and javascript (needs body)

Custom action: detach attachments from message (requires Thunderbird 3.1 beta 2 or later)

Custom action: Suffix to subject. Previous action “append to subject”, which was misnamed, was renamed to “prepend to subject” though existing defined actions will still work.

Revision 1.0.1

Fixed: M164 Filter action “Run” fails with second after-the-fact action

Fixed: M165 RegEx search term has no method to add flags like case insensitive

Fixed: M166 Custom search term values are not appearing in customize view

Revision 1.0.0

New Features

Custom action: Print (the email to default printer)

Custom action: Add Sender to Address List

Custom action: Save Attachments To (a file folder)

Custom search: Subject Regex Match

Custom search: Header Regex Match

Custom search: Javascript (execute javascript to determine match)

Custom search: BCC

Custom search: Tag of Thread Head

Custom search: Tag of Thread Messages

Inherited property: Apply Filters to Folder (IMAP only)


Bug m106: when actions are disabled, existing filters fail. (Changed so they continue to work, disabling just removes them from the list of available actions in the UI.)

Bug m121: CopyAsRead action failing for IMAP folders

Bug m122: Run Process is blocking search (change call to run without blocking)

Revision 0.2 and prior

Experimental early versions